Datalogger and sensors

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The set of computer sensors for physics experiments

1. Transducer sensor

2. Measuring the voltage sensor, measuring range, ± 12V, step 0.007V

3. Measuring the amperage sensor, measuring range, ± 1A, step 0.001 A

4. Galvanometer, measurement range ± 12.5 / ± 1.25 / ± 0.125tA step 0.007/0.001/0.001tA

5. The sensor temperature measuring range from - 500C to - 1800S, step 0.060S

6. Sensor measuring gas pressure measuring range-1000 hPa - 3000 hPa, step 1.2hPa

7. Photodiode sensor, measuring range 0-600/6.000/15.000Lux, step 0.016/1.6/3.7 Lux

8. Measuring the magnetic field sensor, measuring range ± 50Gauss, step 0.025Gauss

9. Microphone, measuring range 20Hz ~ 20 OOOHz, step 50 dbVrms ~ 20 dbVrms

10. The motion detector, measuring range 0.4 m ~ 6.0 m, 0.001 m step

11. Solar cell, the response time from 50 to 500 ns

12. Force sensor, measuring range, ± 100N, step 0.05N

13. Guide 'manual and installation CD

14. Case for Kit, dimensions 560x400x180mm.

Computer measuring unit allows you to work simultaneously with three sensors, converting the analog signal to digital.
Take time measurement of real time 0.05 sec / 0.005 sec Channel 3 / 1 channel independent mode 0.0001 sec;
Readability of 12 bits;
Digital input / output channel 1;
Memory is not less than 1 MB
Communication port 1 USB-channel
Automatic firmware update
Three additional output for inclusion of sensors from other manufacturers
Requires connection to your notebook.
2 - carbon dioxide sensor. Range 0 - 10,000 ppm, 10 ppm of discrete
3 - colorimeter - an optical density sensor. Designed to control the concentration of the solution by analyzing the intensity of the color of the solution. Measures the amount of light passing through the sample. The measurement is performed at a wavelength given by the user. With the help of a colorimeter can be in practice to study the action Beer's law. The colorimeter is used with the cuvette.
Range :0-100% T
Resolution: 0.035% T
430nm, 470nm, 565nm, 635nm.
3 - dissolved oxygen sensor.
Dissolved oxygen sensor is used to measure the oxygen concentration in the aqueous media in the laboratory and in field conditions. Since oxygen is one of the most important factors determining the quality of the aquatic environment, this sensor can be used for various experiments to determine the concentration of dissolved oxygen.
Range: 0 to 15 mg / l (ppm) Accuracy: + -0.2 mg / L Resolution: 0.007 mg / l, reaction time: 95% for 30sek.98% for 45 sec.
Temperature compensation: Automatic at 5-35 C
 4 - Oxygen sensor.
The oxygen sensor measures the concentration of oxygen in the air in the range of 0do 27%. This sensor is an electrochemical cell.
Range :0-27% O2;
Output voltage range: 0-4V at ambient temperature 25 ° C at sea level (standard);
Resolution: 0.03% (12 bits)
5 - pH Sensor - meter.
Measuring range from 0 to 14
Step ± 0,0036 pH units
6 - Relative humidity sensor. Range 0 - 100%.
7 - The temperature sensor. Measuring range from -25 to +125 C.
Temperature measurement range, from C-25C to +125 C
Step C ± 0,1
The characteristics of the sensor: Thermistor, covered with stainless steel
Read Speed: 10 (90%), max 0,2 with
Chemical resistance: 15 min.

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