Laboratory Apparatus

Have you ever been to a laboratory?

The answer to this question without any doubt would be a definitive yes. Just consider a few examples, You visit a pathological laboratory and the attending doctor takes your blood sample for tests, students in a chemistry laboratory performing salt identification tests, an instructor in a biology laboratory explaining the dissection process of a frog, or a shinning piece of gold jewellery is tested in a metal laboratory to prove if  “all that glitters is gold” or not.

Key Role of Lab Equipment

Experiments are performed need a series of vital tools that are known as laboratory apparatus. Laboratory apparatus forms the basic ingredient of any laboratory set up, a technician or a research scholar works in a laboratory using the various types of equipment. Thus without any hesitation it could be said that the laboratory equipment is a foundation for any lab-based analysis.


Starting from extraction of samples, then purification, separation, processing, movement, storage, creating ambient conditions, protection of the lab along with its personnel, from contamination in all these sphere there is use of a broad range of laboratory equipment such as tripod, gas washing bottle etc.

From a humble test tube to a say a complex analytical instrument like frequent flash power laboratory equipment encompasses everything in its fold.