Corporate Training and Development

Our company recently organized a 5 S management training  1. seiri  2.seiton、3.seiso、4.seikesn 5.sitswke

Carry out the "5 S" activities can create good working environment, improve the working efficiency of the employees, if employees work on every day in the dirt, dust everywhere, air stimulation, dimly lit, corridor crowded environment, how to mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees? And even, clean and orderly environment, can give enterprise and staff to bring the understanding and quality: to improve the quality of understanding, get the customer's trust and social recognition, increase the staff's working enthusiasm, improve the corporate image, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Carry out the "5 S" site management can be a huge profits, as an enterprise of managers, often overlook the management of cost of Yin, in the enterprise often see the waste phenomena are: 1. No value work the waste generated, such as unnecessary meeting, the meeting talk; 2. The waste generated errors, such as the sources of information mistake, can cause immeasurable loss; 3. Wait for the waste, such as stop work; 4. The equipment failure caused by improper operation of waste. 5. Caused by accidents, property damage is waste light, heavy then casualties, causing unrecoverable loss; 6. Production excessive or inadequate waste too much, too little, the backlog of short supply, all negative consequences; 7. Raw material inventory cheese or less waste, too much will cause the increased cost of series less stop work, the influence caused by delivery, etc.; 8. Product inspection and rework waste, enterprise should through the implementation of modern quality control method, to try to reduce the yield, improve not one processing rate, and one-sided quality inspection checks and rework repair wait, not only cannot improve product quality, but increases cost; 9. Items pile up, the sign of the waste management confusion caused by light, items in the circulation or stock pile up in unreasonable, can't be advanced, killing items out first piled up time is too long, rust, metamorphic, causing the decline in the quality wait, don't even qualified, and mark chaos, in the enterprise internal do not track the causes of nonconforming product and responsible person, the factory to the enterprise credit flow caused loss beyond retrieve; 10. Lack of documents and records caused by poor management, file management, waste of chaos inevitable problems and track will enter, necessary for the development of the enterprise produce negative effect, an enterprise caused by poor management loss more than these content, we should through the "5 S" activities to strengthen the management, to solve the above waste phenomenon, accomplish truly management in get benefits. "5 S" usage to improve from each one point drops of the behavior narrowed, starts from the basic work with, "5 S" activities, the first step is to clean up the workplace items will be picked up, sort and work to definitely are as follows: to never a: no one cast out of something too commonly used thing in one far away places use thing for one occasionally special custody often use things on one side to never 2: near can quickly brought one side of things in nearby take very take time for things YiYiZhi leave the necessary amount the second step is to rectify, clear after finishing the stuff of regional and forms, namely put set-net positioning. The third step is to clean, namely the cleaning, cleaning is all dirt, rubbish, create a bright, neat and working environment. Clean is a "5 S" activities of the fourth step, is to maintain arrange, reorganization, cleaning the results after three activities before, is to continue and thorough, serious and keep in the best condition maintenance, finally is literacy (discipline) literacy is improving people's quality, to develop strict implementation of various rules and regulations, procedures and the operation of the standard of good habit and style, this is "5 S" activities, not the core of the improvement of the quality of personnel, and all the activities cannot smoothly, and carried out the also can't stand, so catch "5 S" activities, to improve the quality of personnel always aim at. "5 S" activity began in quality, and also finally quality.

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